Welcome! Thanks for stopping by :-) If you have arrived at this page, you were probably directed here from our Craigslist ad. This page is intended to give more detail than our standard website. There is no link back to this page from the rest of the site because it is not intended to be viewed by the general public.

Background: This project was originally started in 2012 by Chris Cootsona (Writer, Keyboards, Vocals, and Rhythm Guitar). Several members have come and gone and following the last set of recordings, we have added sax and a strong female vocalist who now takes on half of the lead vocal responsibility. As such, much of what was recorded prior to last year does not fully reflect the future direction of the group. 


Songs and demos are all property of Chris Cootsona and TüN and may not be downloaded or reproduced.



A new idea that Chris recorded in late December of 2013. This was all tracked with keyboard and Logic Pro/Kontakt player

Some bits and pieces from our show at the Conway Muse. Recorded on a small digital recorder in the middle of the room.

This version is a little slow - it has since been sped up and lyrics added. The drummer on this recording is no-longer with the group for obvious reasons. 

Chris brought this idea to the group and asked Jackie to begin working out some lyrical and melody ideas. That is what you are listening to in this track. Also, the sax and guitar player are working out their parts. This idea is still in the writing stage at about 75% to completion.

The filthy fifth of funk  - Just Chris on keys and sampled drums - This song is now finished, but not recorded.

This song was a collaborative effort and was sung by TüN's prior guitar player. Chris will take over the lead vocals on this one. The 3-part harmonies are still a little "wonky" and need to be changed or eliminated.

This demo was performed and recorded by Chris several years ago - an idea for a song about Phoenix Jones - the guy that runs around downtown Seattle dressed up like a superhero.


Below, is a collection of recordings that Chris has done with several different musicians. 

Match Like You - Chris on Keys, vocals, and guitar, Craig Cootsona on drums, and Sekou Bunch on Bass.

Paper Doll - TüN recorded this in early 2013

Brash - Recorded entirely by Chris Cootsona - Except for Drums - Craig Cootsona 

Time - Another early 2013 recording by TüN